Your Trusted Sales Partner

Our AI Sales Assistant is your trusted companion in property interactions, seamlessly blending convenience and cutting-edge technology. Get ready for a journey that reimagines the real estate experience, enhancing it for property buyers, sellers and industry professionals alike.


Prepare to experience a revolution in the real estate industry. Access real-time, precise responses 24/7 that not only boost sales productivity but also elevate customer engagement and satisfaction, and now, the power of AI marketing content creation and the highly automated offer management system designed to make the buying and selling process seamless. 

Convert more leads, close more deals.

How It Works

Simple, smooth and yet powerful

Initial Consultation

Start your journey by letting us understand your goals, needs, your system settings. We will designed a tailored solution specifically for you.

Create An Account

Your AI sales assistant is designed and deployed. Create an account for each user. Training prepares you for the exciting journey.

Enjoy Your Assistant

Your assistant will take over some of the mandanes which leads to elevated productivity and improved customer engagement.

Properties Supported by Our AI Sales Assistant

Seamless communication via SMS, calls and emails. High quality marketing content generation. Invite, take and manage offers.